fire and ice

In handmade, projects + tutorials on 12/10/2009 at 11:53 am

{d.i.y. wintry votive}
Seems to me that everyone has snow, but us. We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain. Being cooped up indoors with time to savor your winter wonderlands (and an abundance of glass baby food jars), I suppose my muse was awakened. Every windowsill in my house may be filled with these by week’s end.

baby food jar + tea light + paper doily + ribbon

p.s. The link to the complete list of d.i.y. projects and tutorials has been moved to the navigation bar in the header.

UPDATE: Check out “Childhood: The Fine Print”, a new collaborative on Flickr. Jump in anytime!

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Oh dear…
 Somewhere between the nose-wiping and sprite-pouring I forgot to post the winner from the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day. Forgive me! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of your wonderful holiday traditions. Thank you for taking time to share them. Congratulations to Denise K. She writes: My favorite tradition as a child were the presents (2) that we got to open Christmas Eve. One from faraway family & one from “gramma & grampa” who came for dinner Christmas Eve. Grampa always read the story of Jesus birth and we sang CHRISTmas carols, too. Now I am passing the tradition on to my lil’ girl.

  1. What a brilliant idea! Less is more, once again. Simply delightful!

  2. It’s been very cold, sunny and dry here. Not our norm. Usually, I’d be right there with you on the rain. I hate it! Green grass and rain aren’t right for winter if you ask me…

  3. oh wow I have dozens of those jars and will be out tomorrow in search of the doilies. where did you find such pretty designs (are they snowflake doilies) ? This is a stroke of genius. Thank you!

  4. How simple it is and how beautiful project. Specially these days when its cold and rainy, a candle light can be so delightful and even creates a magic atmosphere!
    It seems we both woke up with poetry in our minds…I wrote about Walt whitman today : )
    *hearts* to you and your family!

  5. Hi!
    Oh my, I also adore this idea. I can imagine how beautiful they are lined up by the windows of your home!

  6. What a beautiful idea…Really stunning.

    Now I just have to find some baby food jars, as my baby is Five now.

    Sob. Sniffle.

  7. That is such a lovely idea… so, so pretty! Thanks so much for posting this in the One Petty Thing Flickr pool. I’ll be linking.

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