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yarn lover’s wall decor: a tutorial

In handmade, our home, projects + tutorials on 01/11/2010 at 11:45 am

knitter's wall hanging 
One thing I love about crafting is that so many of the mediums and tools are beautiful, even in their “raw” state. I’m always looking for ways to display them in our home since they add a personal touch and speak of this beautiful season of life that we’re enjoying. I’m particularly fond of my bamboo knitting needles and this wall hanging allows me to enjoy them in my favorite corner, while keeping tiny hands at a safe distance.

This project is so simple, and can be completed in a matter of minutes once your materials are assembled. It can function solely as a piece of art or you can insert more needles and use it as a creative way to store and display your collection. If you don’t knit, tuck it away as a thoughtful gift idea for someone else.

pinking shears
fabric for background
frame (The frame pictured is 11×14)
thread (same color as yarn)
large sewing needle
knitting needles (as many as you like)


1. With pinking shears, cut a circle out of cardboard to the desired size, depending on the size of your frame. (Pinking the edges helps to keep the yarn from slipping). 

2. With the tail of the yarn on the back side, begin wrapping the yarn around the circle in whatever pattern strikes your fancy. It’s entirely up to you. It should look like a squashed ball of yarn when you’re finished. 

3.  Trim off the excess and tuck the loose end of yarn in wherever you like. 

4. Cut a piece of background fabric suitable for the size of your frame. I recommend cutting it slightly larger than the frame so you can tug on the edges after inserting the frame backing and get it to lay flat. 

5. Using a large sewing needle and matching thread, tack your yarn ball tightly to the fabric. I just tacked it at the top, bottom, and on either side. One or two stitches in each place is sufficient. You can either let the tail hang down freely or you can tack the tail to the fabric in a trailing squiggly design with your sewing thread. 

6. Frame (without glass, of course) 

7. Insert your knitting needles…just two, or as many as you like. 

 Hang and enjoy! 

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