day nine: sanctuary

In 30 days of beauty, things pondered on 02/18/2010 at 4:00 am

From one window, morning rushes in. Evening lingers long out the other.
Six panes of light are temporarily etched across our path each afternoon.
My grandmother’s birds float quietly overhead.

I bustle and scurry.
She scatters cupcake plates in my shadow and plans another party.
He appears in the doorway as the sun sinks low.
Eyes ever twinkling, no matter how wearying the day.
Strong arms. For tossing her. For holding me.
We race to fall in.

The days stories unfold in familiar fashion.
We light candles, ladle nourishment, and laugh.

Soap and cinnamon. Scents mingle.
Clanging. Banging. Gurgling. Humming.
And this unlikely cathedral, in quieter hours – a sanctuary.
Thoughts rolled and rumbled.
Tears cried and dried.
Prayers whispered.
Dreams birthed.
 Washing. Wiping. Kneading. Stirring.
And I am being made.

  1. You know I love any shot of a dishwasher, chock-a-block, just automatically, don’t you? (Ladling nourishment’s pretty fantastic, too!)

  2. Lovely photos…but your words…your words are filled with the aroma of serenity. Loved reading this so much!!!!!

  3. Oh, Gina, that IS beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your words and pictures. They touch this quiet, at-home, New England mother of five very deeply.

  4. Just lovely how you captured the evening homecoming scene–thank you.

  5. I love that dishwasher shot. That is beautiful.

  6. Lovely, Gina. I am right there in the thick of it right now too.

  7. this is wonderful Gina. you write for all of us today. i can relate. a sanctuary.. i like that.

  8. this poem really moved me, especially the bit about papa’s arms. ah!

  9. “ladle nourishment”

    yes, i loooove!

    thank you for stopping by my blog by the way! this is an amazing blog…subscribed! 😀

  10. you just made my day (which fell into the category of one of ‘those’ days) into a beautiful poem.

  11. Poetry.

    Just beautiful.

  12. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I needed a poem to resettle myself today, this was perfect.

  13. beautiful thoughts

  14. This is really lovely. Such meaningful thoughts and words. I could read it over and over again.

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