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this moment

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 this week I’m playing along with the Friday ritual here

p.s. Thank you all for your very kind words yesterday about the new layout and be sure to check out today’s additions to smitten at the bottom of the page. Good stuff!


hospitality lessons

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ladybug house

When I spied the first one inching along the window ledge, I really thought nothing of it. Big deal. But in a matter of days, I concluded that our kitchen window symbolized a beacon of hope to every ladybug within a twenty-mile radius – an escape from winter’s frosty pursuit. They kept coming…and coming…and coming. In fact, they’re still coming. And before you chide me for my sentimentality and tell me to fetch the bug spray, I must explain that somewhere in my subconscious, something precludes me from taking murderous action against such a trustworthy creature. They’re actually quite well mannered, keeping to themselves. And she’s been watching them zipping and zinging about like tiny fairies, red wings buzzing and flashing as they go. More than once I’ve been met with pleading brown eyes and a request to fetch one for her off the ceiling. At first I gave in to the temptation to complain, any moment expecting to lift a cup to my mouth and find myself nose to nose with one. But watching her continued fascination with our uninvited houseguests, I decided we might as well make the best of it.  

Kraft Parmesan cheese container makes a fabulous bug habitat because you can crack the lid for airflow or snap it shut for short periods of time while your little one totes it around. After doing a bit of reading, we discovered that ladybugs are attracted to pink, yellow, and light blue and that they actually like raisins. Who knew? We put a layer of soil in the bottom and added twigs and colorful coffee stirrers for climbing. A wadded wet paper towel in the bottom provided a water source and she enjoyed dropping in a daily ration of raisins (now referred to as “wadeebug food”).

Plague turned plaything. I’m fairly certain there’s a lesson here for me about keeping life in perspective – the proverbial lemons to lemonade.

I’m a bit behind making my rounds to visit all of you who have introduced yourselves over the past couple of days. The weekend is here and I will do my very best to respond to you either in the comment section, by email, or on your own posts. Thank you for being so patient.  There are new additions tothe regulars“, so drop in and introduce yourself to them when you have time. Don’t forget to add your nominations for The Poppies!

I have a little d.i.y. surprise lined up for the beginning of the week. Enjoy your weekend!

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perfectly paired

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Recipes for mom here and here.

where, oh where…

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    one paper sack
+ watercolors
+ google images
+ contact paper
+ ribbon
+ sunshine (after 2 days of rain)
=one blissful morning