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silhouette: february 2010

In silhouette, the fine print on 02/01/2010 at 12:13 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed gathering ideas for this second edition of Silhouette. If you’d like to see the first, the link is here. You are such an amazing community. It’s unbelievable how much you create in just a month of days. I hope you enjoy…


 folding {meredith}
about the cabin {abi}
finding encouragement by understanding seasons {alice}
blogging and making excuses {kat}
being present {laura}


childhood: the fine print

1. margrett, 2. angela, 3. sarah, 4. wendy, 5. sara,
6. amy , 7. cindy, 8. nicole, 9. stephinie

All of these images are part of the collection Childhood: The Fine Print.


lit {mollie}
taking the story on the road {heather}
button cookies {garden mama}
embroidered ribbon sleeve {ellen}
shoe gnomes {erin}
sweet cheeks {sarah}
popsicle chores {kristen}
seed starters the easy way {marsha}


If you haven’t had a chance to tell the story in five, today’s the last day! We’ll vote later in the week. I’m also over here today. Enjoy your Monday.


Silhouette: January 2010

In silhouette on 01/04/2010 at 6:20 am




Childhood: The Fine Print

1. Debra, 2. Lynn, 3. Rosina, 4. Sarah, 5. Cindy, 6. Margrett,
7. Annie, 8. Marty, 9. Sarah



 Aprons turned Window Treatments {Amanda}
Paper Mache Boats {Ann}
Keepsake Kitchen Linens {Mrs. Limestone}
Garland of Words {Katie}

 A sincere thank you to everyone who has so warmly welcomed me to this vibrant community of creative souls. I’m relishing every minute. To those of you who faithfully drop in to say “Hello”, or pause to ask “How did you..?”, thank you. I love meeting you, visiting your creative corners, and seeing you shine. I am moved by your words. Inspired by the way you see the world. Astounded by your creativity. It was such a treat to curate this first celebration of you. I’m already looking forward to February.

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