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day five and a heart-to-heart

In 30 days of beauty, things pondered on 02/12/2010 at 1:23 pm

This week has been the perfect mix of rest, work, and play. And I’ve loved it. I needed time and space to hit the “reset” button on life. Sometimes it just seems that everywhere I turn, things are a bit “off” and the more I dash from one thing to the next trying to right it all, the more maddening it becomes. Such was my feeling at the beginning of this week. But not today. Today, the clutter is cleared, both literally and figuratively. I’m rested…refreshed…at ease.

Over the last five days, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this space…and about that space. I want both to be an honest reflection, not only of me, but of the current season I’m in. Lately, I’ve been feeling this internal pressure to create (another craft project…another tutorial…another something) but I think that most days, rather than trying to “invent” beauty, I’m suppose to simply acknowledge the beauty that already surrounds me and give thanks. And then I read this post and began this project and my mind began to clear. Five days into the thirty and I’m in love.

All of that being said, you’re likely to see some changes here in the days and weeks to come. There will be days when my post here is simply a series of images…wordless. This will be a challenge for me. I like words. I love words. I need words. But I think I need to exercise my ability to be silent more than I need to speak. And I want to learn to take photographs that need no explanation…images that speak for themselves. 

Secondly, this feeling that I MUST post every single day is a prideful, self-imposed rule that is counter-creative in many ways and the surest way to end up in a bloggy burnout. From here on out, I will not be posting every single morning of the week. It will vary. I’m not making a schedule (as my type A personality would prefer) but rather just allowing space for it to happen as it will.

The format of the Solstice Letters project will remain unchanged but I will be posting just a few times per week. Keep those beautiful photographs coming. I’ll be using them.

Thank you for reading this rambling of mine. I suppose most of it could have gone entirely unsaid but so many of you frequent here daily and I wanted to let you know that change is on the horizon.

If I disappear from here over the next day or two, know that our power did not survive the first dumping of snow here in the deep South. Yes, I know the weather man said three to five inches but where we live, it might as well be three to five feet. This town is unprepared and giddy with excitement. Well, off I go…there’s much to be done this morning. Thank you for listening, as always.

p.s. As soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I hopped over to Shutter Sisters and received this wonderful surprise…more confirmation that I am indeed on the right path.


day four: 30 days of beauty

In 30 days of beauty, things pondered on 02/11/2010 at 1:42 pm

Good morning.
Here is your day.
You can not return, exchange, or repeat it.
Use it wisely.
It is a gift.

30 days of beauty

day three: 30 days of beauty

In 30 days of beauty on 02/10/2010 at 12:51 pm

Thank you for all of your kind comments and emails wishing us a restful week. We’re enjoying every minute. As I’m sure some of you have already figured out, Char’s story was the collective favorite (so many votes!) so I’ll be interviewing her here in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to it and I know you’ll all enjoy meeting her. You all did a fabulous job. I had so much fun hosting “Tell the Story” that I’d like to do it again very soon with another image. Anyone game?

A bit of Wednesday link love…If you haven’t already, check out Elizabeth and Lisa’s new project, Threading Light.

p.s. I promise to get “the regulars” updated this week. And thanks for the votes in the Handmade Olympics. I appreciate them!

day two: 30 days of beauty

In 30 days of beauty on 02/09/2010 at 12:52 pm

Cozy pajamas. Toast. Good books. We’re burrowing this week. It is much-needed. I’ll be communicating here with pictures and very few words over the next few days. Thank you so much for understanding.

p.s. Char was kind enough to nominate me for the 2010 Handmade Olympics [category: blogs with a handmade focus] and yesterday afternoon, I received word that I made the short list!!! I could scarcely believe my eyes. Head over and check out all the wonderful blogs. And of course, if you feel so inclined, your vote would be much appreciated. 🙂

30 days of beauty: day one

In 30 days of beauty, things pondered on 02/08/2010 at 12:47 pm

I lift the blind and you scatter.
Feather and fluff take flight.
So near, I can almost touch you.
Then far, you flicker and disappear.
Agile, aflutter, afloat.
Song soaring.
Grace gliding.
Faith free-falling.

Celebrating 30 days of beauty