In things pondered on 04/15/2010 at 4:31 pm


Soaking up sun, earth, and words.
Discarding the shadows of winter from our corners. 
Plans for the neglected sewing machine…imagining cotton slipping beneath forgetful fingers.
Questions without answers of yet – A heart on tip-toe, wondering what’s around the bend.
Hopeful. Happy. Here.

  1. I love the expression ‘heart on tip toe’…and that book looks so intriguing

  2. Oh, I don’t know this book. But I wonder if I should, must, now. Lovely posts, these last two. Just where we are, right now.

  3. Love your posts and all the nature good winter hello spring!

  4. I absolutely adore gardening books when they are full of little essays on life in the garden. They’re just so relaxing to read, especially while taking a break on my garden bench with a cup of tea. Anyway, I enjoyed your very serene photos today.

  5. I need to put that book on hold! Your words are true poetry and your photographs are gems! Have a great weekend.

  6. Loveliness sprouting all over!! This is a true-felt comment from Mrs Black thumb ;o)

  7. My sewing machine has been neglected, too. And when I listen closely, I can hear it calling to me….!

  8. Creeping Jenny – tons of it in one of my front flower beds. It gets lots of sun there, so it is more of a yellow than a green. So fun!
    Would you recommend that book? Im in the market for a new one after just finishing Richard Louv’s The Web Of Life.
    “Questions without answers of yet – A heart on tip-toe, wondering what’s around the bend.
    Hopeful. Happy. Here.” – Yep, same here.

    Hope you are well friend.

    Happy Weekend!

    • I’ve really enjoyed my Creeping Jenny. I’d love to have more. I haven’t read the Richard Louv book. I’ll have to check it out. I really enjoyed Four Tenths of an Acre. It’s an easy read.

  9. mmm, u sound so open. that is nice.

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