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In writing on 03/27/2010 at 11:38 am

Bring Yourself - Creative Writing E-courses - click here for more info

Handmade Writer e-course 

Monday, April 12th

Duration: 6 weeks

Led by Amy Spencer

In Amy’s words:
“The Handmade Writer e-course has been inspired by the strength of craft communities and brings a crafty approach to creative writing. I am a writer and also a crafter and I know lots of other people are too. I see similarities between the two creative forms and that’s what this e-course is all about. I will encourage students to gather material from every source imaginable and use the fabric of their lives to tell extraordinary stories.

Rather than focusing on any particular style of writing or for any particular type of writer, this course is about exploring the world and looking for inspiration around you. It is a designed to encourage people to take their writing a bit more seriously and find motivation to fit it into their lives.”

When Amy contacted me about this opportunity, I was excited to share it with you and (full disclosure) by mentioning it here, my name is being entered into a drawing for one free registration, which I will, in turn, be giving away to one of you, if I were fortunate enough to win it.

p.s. Please keep the wonderful gardening advice coming. I’m soaking it up!

  1. Wow that sounds like the e-course for me right now! Thank you for introducing me to Amy. BTW I love your new layout!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the e-course!
    The photographs on your blog are beautiful. I have just spent a lovely little while looking at them, and reading your posts too.

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