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In 30 days of beauty, toddler activities on 03/19/2010 at 12:01 pm


 this week I’m playing along with the Friday ritual here

p.s. Thank you all for your very kind words yesterday about the new layout and be sure to check out today’s additions to smitten at the bottom of the page. Good stuff!

  1. my kind of moment!

  2. look at those purposeful little hands! such a great activity for a little one to learn. this is definitely a moment to savor.

  3. Yes, she took her work quite seriously.

  4. Such a sweet pic. Are they gingerbread bunnies? Looks like a delicious moment.


  5. that table is perfect.

  6. Those look like they are being made with LOVE

  7. Love your new little space here. And I think this shot is just precious!

  8. Simply adorable little fingers. I absolutely love molasses cookies.

  9. oh my GOODNESS! I thought I’d arrived at the wrong spot — then looked twice, and knew it was lovely you, only better. Can’t wait to see how this evolves. Happy!

  10. love those little bears and the little hands, what a perfect moment

  11. Love the site makeover! Thanks for adding me to your list of “Regulars”! I’m loving the link to “Clean w/ Green”–something I’m attempting to do right now, and it so nicely compacted everything in one place. Great moment, too!

  12. I love this moment! So cute.

  13. Lovely activity! I love baking with my boys

  14. What is that, that is being made? My curiosity is picked!

  15. look at that sweet thing. so adorable. the new layout is super fancy!

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