In other on 03/18/2010 at 1:57 pm

It’s baking day. This week’s french loaf is rising and I’m pouring over a stack of new cookie recipes. Decisions…decisions.

I wanted to take a few moments this morning to welcome the new readers and to show you around this newly designed space. If you’re viewing this post in a reader, what I’m about to say is going to make absolutely no sense to you, so save your sanity and click on over to see the layout. It will likely be a work-in-progress for a while but I’m liking this layout much better. Don’t be confused by the three columns. It’s just my three latest posts from left to right. The comment button has moved to the bottom of each post. The navigation bar has returned to the header. There you’ll find:

tutorials: links to a handful of my d.i.y. projects and a few printables.

photography: links to three photo projects that you can join in on

the kitchen: our family’s favorite recipes

smitten: an archive of lovely links organized by category {homekeeping simplified, mothering, community, crafts, writing, etc…}

the regulars: my alternative to the traditional blogroll, this is a rotating list of kind folks who regularly take the time to say “hello” while they’re here

But my FAVORITE thing about this layout is that now there are three “sidebars” located at the very bottom of the screen. I’m still playing with the configuration of the contents but for now, you’ll find my NEWEST favorite links to the far left (smitten). These links get archived to the page by the same name that you find up in the header. I update these links at the bottom of the page every few days so check them out. Oodles of inspiration down there. In the middle column, you’ll find the nightstand, which links to our current favorite reads. The March list will be up in a few days. And on the far right is a list of categories, if you’re looking for an older post.

I think that’s everything. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Back to baking!

  1. I like the larger photos and the simplicity of this design. I strive for that on so wabi sabi too, but lately, I’m getting all cluttered up…it’s easy to do. This looks very clean, Gina, and easy to navigate.
    love and blessings~

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth.

  3. Very fresh and lovely, like french bread, I guess. Well done. Truly like no other blog I’ve seen.

  4. I’m viewing this from my phone…but SO excited about seeing the new layout later…I am honoured to be a “regular” thanks lovely!!!
    Have a great Day!

  5. Love your new layout! Very clean & easy to navigate.
    I just baked bread 2 days ago and there is nothing like the scent and taste of freshly baked bread!

    • Thank you, Darlene. I love bread baking too. It’s so relaxing, and you’re right. The scent is a gift in itself!

  6. I’m honored to be on your reading list, Char. Hope you have a great day!

  7. having recently found your site i am not as familiar with your old one, but I LOVE THE NEW ONE!
    absolutely awesome! i used to LOVE to read magazines before they got so chock full of ads and your layout reminds me of a good magazine…looking forward to “flipping” the pages 🙂
    makes me consider taking my blog to wordpress!

  8. I love the layout. So clean and bold. Very nice. The only thing that’s confusing is the comments — took me a minute to figure out who was saying what. But I’m slow like that. 😛

    I need to get a “baking day.” I like to bake all our bread, but it gets difficult to find a solid chunk of time to do it start to finish. Maybe if I just did a bunch of loaves all on a day that we’re home all day, that would make things easier.

    • Amy, I know what you mean about the comments. I’m not crazy about the layout of them either but unfortunately, it does not appear that I can change it. If I can, I certainly will, though. It will take some getting used to.

  9. Gina,
    Very neat! Love the new layout here.

  10. I love the new layout- very easy to follow and read.

  11. I LOVe it. Very clean. It almost looks like the cover of a magazine. Keep up the good work Gina!! Thanks for your smitten link.


  12. Love your new layout! The clean and simple look is beautiful!!!! Have fun baking!

  13. I really like the new layout – fits in with your ‘simplifying’ mantra and looks good too…

    Charlotte xx

  14. I just wanted to say – that I’m loving the new layout/design of your blog – very eyecatching indeed!

  15. oh my goodness girl!! look at all your fabulous changes!!

    can’t wait to pop around and see all your goodness…

    xxo, kim

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