simplifying: the laundry

In simplifying on 03/14/2010 at 4:07 pm

If the laundry room descends into perpetual chaos, the daily tasks become more tedious. This week I spent several hours purging, clearing, and organizing. The biggest change – two $8 laundry sorters side by side along one wall. Each one has three easily removable mesh bags. I have one for towels/socks, darks, lights, jeans, khakis and reds. We also have hampers in our bathrooms. Each morning, I sort the previous day’s garments into these bins right beside the washer. It’s much easier to see what load needs to be done next and it’s easier to start a load in a few spare minutes when I don’t have to dump out the contents of an entire hamper on the other end of the house to sort out the loads. I also routinely collect empty hangers from the closets and relocate them to pegs on the laundry room wall. Transferring freshly laundered clothes from the dryer directly onto hangers keeps them wrinkle-free and eliminates the temptation to leave them piled in baskets for days before putting them away. Have a laundry tip to share or a laundry problem that needs solving?

  1. Can you tell me more about that picture? It’s darling 🙂

  2. I have one of those hampers in my laundry room right now, if my new laundry room can hold two, I’m definitely going to do that. Having hangers in there is a great idea too! I tend to let my clothes sit in the baskets for far too long sometimes, I need a way to stop myself from doing that.

    • I am the worst when it comes to putting away laundry. I can wash, dry, and fold all day but for some reason I always put off the last step. This has definitely helped.

  3. I really need to get a sorter. I’ve never seen the point before, but now we go through our laundry room to get out to the car, and it’s a pain for the kids to have to walk over the clothes. They’re so little that they’re unsteady when they step on a wadded-up towel or something. A sorter would be nice to prevent that.

  4. We have one sorter just like that–everyone in the family (except the 16-month-old) is supposed to sort their own clothes each day. Then I limit myself to doing just 2 loads of laundry a day–I found that when I wasn’t limiting myself I was always getting behind because I was always only doing laundry. I try and do towels or diapers on a day when I don’t have as much time because they’re easier to sort. When I unload the dryer I sort the clean clothes into a basket for each person–then each individual is responsible for getting their clothes folded. I try to fold my husband’s and mine by the end of each day, take it upstairs, and put it away by the end of the day–then in the morning I carry our dirty clothes from the day before downstairs to sort. We also keep hangers in the laundry room–I put things that need to air dry on them as soon as they come out of the wash. Happy laundering!

  5. What great ideas here! I have been toying with the idea of getting different bins for easier separating. I’m so impressed with your ability and initiative to hang up clothes straight from the dryer!

  6. Love the Laundry Day by a.t. whim

  7. I was just about to inquire after that dreamy print also, then noticed the link — thanks!

  8. Love that print; I am a big fan of using bits of artwork to brighten up the parts of my home where I do chores.
    Hmmn, laundry-ease advice, we wear things multiple times before washing, well, not everything, but jeans and such.

  9. Great tips. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my routine. Love the print, too.

  10. Great! No tips to offer or ask for, I just want to say I love the artwork very much! And I am so jealous of anyone who doesn’t have to slog their laundry into the garage…..

  11. I love the print! Going to check out the artist now.

  12. Love that print also, I will check out the artist too.

  13. Laundry. My nemesis.

    I hate it. And I don’t say that about many things.

    I don’t have a trick. I know if you do a little every day it isn’t so daunting. But I don’t do a little every day. I might wash a little…it’s the folding that trips me up. I don’t mind folding towels, but the other stuff makes me want to shove forks in my eyes.

    Sorry to be such a downer. I’ve just accepted the fact that I hate it, it will always be around, and I will have to make myself do it for the rest of my days. And accepting that fact has been my form of simplification.

    Maybe if I hung a pretty picture like yours next to my laundry baskets it would be less miserable.

  14. I am looooooooving that print!

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