day thirteen: less is more

In 30 days of beauty on 03/01/2010 at 8:32 pm

I’m simplifying.
Trimming away the day-stealing excess.
Doing one thing less, not one thing more.
Learning to ignore.
Establishing a daily routine rather than a schedule.
Cleaning smarter, not better.
Less time at this keyboard.
More time scrawling in ink on paper.
And loving it.

How are you simplifying these days?

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  1. Gina, this post is so timely, because my current “mental project” is battling perfectionism. (In fact, that’s what I blogged about today!) So I love your attitude of “learning to ignore” and “cleaning smarter not better”. Yes! I am really trying to let go of the guilt I feel for not doing *everything*. I don’t know if it’s working, but like I say, it’s a project. 🙂

  2. I’m simplifying by cleaning house a bit, decreasing the clutter, and putting things back in cabinets, storage, or drawers. I feel so much better when there isn’t a bunch of ‘stuff’ all around.

  3. less is definitely more! there are five of us in a small house and the less we have to take care of the more time we are able to spend with each other. LOVE the spoon and fork hooks on your shelf!

  4. yes, yes and yes! I am working still on this in many ways.

    also, been meaning to tell you that I recently purchased the same journaling as a spiritual practice book that you recommended. i love it. thanks for sharing about it.

  5. this is so nice.

  6. Just found your beautiful blog. How inspirational. I’m so happy I found you.

  7. I am trying to force myself not to clutter! I cleaned out my scrap booking stuff and gave a whole pile to my kids and just let them have fun, instead of just hoarding the stuff!

  8. Working on it! Yes, definitely less is better.

  9. Clearing out, instead of cleaning up. And remembering your post a few weeks back about editing out one item, instead of adding another. Loved that.

  10. beautiful fork and spoon hooks and beautiful words to go with them.
    so true
    is often so much more

  11. I’m trying to unplug more and rediscover my love of reading. I’m dragging my kids along in the process – less tv, more imagination!

  12. I just love this little creamer and sugar bowl. I haven’t been simplifying lately but I certainly need to. Although I will say I’ve been able to let some things go. Maybe that counts.

  13. Great post – it seems so many of my favourite bloggers are thinking similar things – simplifying, pruning and focussing on quality time. I believe this may be the universe telling me something.

    Thanks for this Gina.

    Charlotte xx


  14. Gosh, seems like so many have got the urge to simplify these days. I’m struggling. I try to simplify, and then it seems, I still have to go deeper, and simplify some more. I’m right in the midst of trying to figure it all out.


  15. Less stuff is definitely one of the best steps towards simplifying one’s life. I am constantly evaluating every little item that enters our house or we are considering to add to our collections. In addition with six children we have to be very careful about not accummulating too much.
    I find my mind is so much clearer with less.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  16. After breaking my hand and the need for surgery last week you would be surprised how quickly one learns the need to simplify. Every single day is a challenge in learning to let go. I really love your 30 days of beauty. You are doing a great job writing words of wisdom and the simple beauty of your exquisite photos.

  17. i have been spending sooo much less time at the keyboard too (and loving it) but it has been nice to catch up with you this evening. 😉

  18. “The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
    For children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow…”

    I could easily spend all my days cleaning… I want to clean smarter, too…

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