30 days of beauty: day one

In 30 days of beauty, things pondered on 02/08/2010 at 12:47 pm

I lift the blind and you scatter.
Feather and fluff take flight.
So near, I can almost touch you.
Then far, you flicker and disappear.
Agile, aflutter, afloat.
Song soaring.
Grace gliding.
Faith free-falling.

Celebrating 30 days of beauty

  1. Beautiful Gina. I love making treats for the birds in Winter.
    Beautiful words

  2. The picture is simply gorgeous. I am longing for springtime, warm weather, birds chirping their joyful songs and bare feet on grass. {sigh} It’s been such a long winter…

  3. Lovely photo! I think that I may participate in this as well!

  4. so lovely gina, photo and words!

  5. what a ymmy treat for the birds. the squirrels always snatch ours up. thats okay though.


  6. You are so sweet making goodies for the birds. There is always something fun here.. I will have to go and read about 30 days of beauty…
    Have a wonderful day there!

  7. I love this photo…and the poem to go with it.
    Can’t wait for the other 29!

  8. GINA!!! You were chosen!!!
    Remember I nominated you?
    Well…you were chosen amongst I think 9 others in catagory #8 for the favourite Blog with a handmade flair!!!
    Spread the word…now you need votes…hee hee…how exciting.

  9. oh I´m enjoying this very much! Thank you for your vision of beauty!

  10. That is a beautiful shot! I love it!

  11. beautiful image & verse, thanks for sharing

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