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In other, thrifting + vintage on 02/03/2010 at 12:01 pm

Oh, the gems we have uncovered in the depths of my grandmother’s sewing stash. Vintage patterns, galore. She made a lot of beautiful, lovely things but I’m quite sure that this is where my grandfather drew the line. I offered to make my husband one of these for his birthday. I even said he could select his favorite from the three pictured patterns. Can you believe he said said “no thanks”? (And a few other things I can’t repeat!)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your Wednesday has gotten off to a good start. There’s a fresh list of Regulars for February and if, like me, you have trouble being still, here’s some food for thought.

  1. This is absolutly hilarious! I can just picture what my husband would say, if I would try to make him something like this. I love looking through vintage patterns. I have even found some patterns, that you could “almost” use nowadays. Like bikini tops made from granny squares?! Hugs, from Paraguay!

  2. P.S. What does the guy on the left have on underneath his tunic? And is that really a pair of yellow biking shorts on the guy on the right? 🙂

    • Brenda, about the guy on the left, I haven’t the foggiest idea. Honestly, I’m not sure we really want to know. Yes, it looks like the guy on the right is wearing yellow biking shorts. But we really can’t blame him for that. He honestly had nothing left to lose when he put on the tunic.

  3. i wonder how much those men had to be paid for their loss of manhood!!!! that is so funny…. 😀



  5. you are too funny !!!

  6. Really? Not even the zig zags? Strange, strange man, your spouse 😉 This is precious!

  7. Oh my gosh, how the styles have changed. I would love to see some dude sporting one of those outfits walking around town. I bet there would be a bit of staring and raising of eyebrows. Very funny.


  8. Holy crochet hook! This has almost turned me off of my love for all things crochet and knit! Almost…

    It all feels very “Gidget” to me.

    Unbelievable – this used to be “in style” at one point in time!

  9. I have only two words: Oh. My.

  10. lol! Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!

  11. Now they are HOT! I need to expand my knitting and crochet skills to include a sleeveless tunic for Fran to wear with out pants.

    Really, it’s just amazing what people wore!

  12. hahaha! Those are fabulous!

  13. Oh yes! I come across things like this in my mom’s old books, and even in current crochet mags. It would have to be a very very special man to agree to wear something crocheted from on of these patterns, I think!

  14. Wow . . . I’m at a loss for words . . . that is just . . . remarkable. Thanks for the laugh!

  15. this is awesome! and that’s a lot of crocheting!

  16. LOL! My this gave me a good giggle; just what I needed today!

  17. Very scary. My grandmother has a few pattern books just like that!

  18. This is so funny!!

  19. Wow, talk about blackmail material!

    It’s a close call between the mini-dress and the afghan poncho, but then, the mini-dress doesn’t cause (permanent) blindness. So, the afghan gets my vote.

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  20. Where are those guys now, I wonder?

  21. I am laughing SO hard I have some serious tears….. OH MY GOODNESS! where are these men today, and what must they be thinking?

  22. I’m up late reading this and seriously considering waking Hubby up so he can “choose” which one he wants me to make for him!!! NOT!

    Great googly moogly, those are awful, awful, awful.

    Maybe from the late 60’s early 70’s? I never saw any guys sporting that look in my hometown! (Thank goodness)

  23. Okay, I nearly choked on my breakfast when I read this post. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile! Your father’s response was so funny! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Oops, I meant grandfather’s response. 😉

  25. They are smiling like they really think that they are looking good. What a good laugh today! You are funny!

  26. Wow, now this is a great pick me up for the day. Although, this image may not leave my mind anytime soon. To think that anyone dressed in that poncho. That is just too funny

  27. This is just fantastic! and it made my night! Thank you! I am especially fond of the man on the left with his red/white man dress – love it (:

  28. Absolutely Hilarious….OMG!

  29. That is hilarious!

  30. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  31. aaaaahhh!!! I am dying. These are awesome!!

    ps. love your blog….thanks for stopping by:)

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