sweet little wren

In things pondered on 02/02/2010 at 11:55 am

It seems that February has returned Winter to its rightful place. After January lured us out to balmy sunshine, she crept in and sent us clamouring for hats and coats and cups of warm anything. And you, my spry, chirping little Wren, would happily forgo breakfast for the chance to chase the chill, oblivious to your warm wild breath whirling and swirling like a swarm of fairy bees. And as you go about the merry business of berry-picking and acorn-stomping, Momma clutches warm chamomile and shivers at your heels chiding, five more minutes, my love, from behind chattering teeth. You’re keeping me limber – on my toes and on my knees. You’re keeping me awake. Aware. Amazed. And I’m reminded that behind everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, there is still more. And for that, I love you all the more.

  1. I love the connections you made here and there this morning;)

  2. beautiful. reminds me so of elizabeth mitchell’s lovely “children’s” music (little bird, little flower, etc.), the sort I enjoy maybe more than my children 🙂


    PS: Here, if you don’t know it already. http://www.amazon.com/You-Are-My-Little-Bird/dp/B000GKZN9M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1265118816&sr=8-1

  3. Such a lovely sentiment. I truly believe it is the ability to find joy and wonderment in the world that keeps us young – no matter how old we are.

  4. It is amazing how sometimes the little things that have us craving something different, do not affect our children at all…the the biting crisp winter chill. However, there are so many ways I see the flip side too, when our littles are wanting something different, and we wish they would just be fine. Have a happy day!


  5. So beautiful… we have been wintering here for 60 days straight, to say I’m a tad tired of it is an understatement. But then King Winter comes with new snow, frozen fog or some other beauty, and I’m in love with the winter all over again.

  6. Yes! My little one has helped me remember this week that snow is something to go out into instead of something to keep one in.

    I love this set of pictures!

  7. Oh Gina, this is so beautiful. Such love in this post.

    Ain’t love grand?

  8. Ain’t that the truth?

    Diggin’ those green pants. Snazzy.

  9. These pictures are adorable 🙂 I, for one, hate cold weather and would let the snow keep me in.

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