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“Amish baking is by its very definition simple, self-sufficient, and often sweet and sticky. The worn hands of an Amish homemaker kneading loaves of bread carry the lessons of generations past. There’s a calming comfort in watching hands shape the dough, of watching bread balloon into a billowy golden pillow in a wood-fired oven. Throughout centuries of religious persecution in Europe and sometimes harsh settlement conditions in the United States and Canada, the Amish have turned their hands to feed themselves: men to plant and harvest, women to bake and cook. This insular self-sufficiency has elevated the Amish into legendary creators of cakes, pies, rolls, and doughnuts out of the building blocks of baking: flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, oatmeal, seasonal fruits, cinnamon and molasses.”

Lovina Eicher, Kevin Williams, The Amish Cook’s Baking Book (Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2009), xvii.

Even if you never bake a single recipe, this book is a feast in itself. Colorful imagery and simple storytelling are scattered among recipes for Bumbleberry Pie, Rhubarb Squares, and Blueberry Streusel Coffeecake. You can read a little about Lovina, mother of eight, here and here.


p.s. I added some new names to “the regulars” this morning so drop by and say “hello”!

  1. Oh, now that looks like my kinda cookbook! Love the imagery!

  2. Such simple, beautiful pictures. And by those recipes you named, I doubt I would just be feeding my eyes with images.

  3. love the images you shared…especially whoopie pies;)

  4. So many new names to explore on your list! Thanks for my name up there.

    That book is a feast for the eyes, just gorgeous!

  5. What a great book, both beautiful and yummy.

    Why have I missed seeing the regulars links before? Can’t wait to check out some of those blogs.

  6. Mmmmmm bread.

    I can’t wait to have my kitchen back to make some!

    Great links here.

    Now, off to add you on FB.

  7. oh my, i would love this cook book for the pictures alone! just beautiful!! thank you for sharing it… yum!

    xxo, kim

  8. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love yours it inspires me! This book looks very interesting and since I’m a huge cookbook fan I may have to add this to my collection!

  9. Love, love, love Amish cooking! We live not too far from Amish Country, and this is reminding me that I really need to get out that way. And I think I’ll check this book out too, in the meantime.

  10. oh my goodness that looks like a wonderful book! I’m going to have to check that out 😀

  11. That books looks delectable Gina. I am so happy to have found your blog. I think your ‘about me’ is my favourite one I’ve ever read.

  12. I think I would be delighted with this book–I’m going to put it on hold at the library!

  13. I just bought a new cook book myself. I’ll have to check this one out though. I wanna learn how to make that friendship bread.

  14. Maybe that’s what I need to finally start baking. I am looking for a beginner book or at least a book that will make me want to do it.
    I just became a fan on Facebook. Great idea

  15. the pictures in that cookbook are gorgeous. my mouth is watering over those cookies…

  16. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous images in this book. I’m not on FB either.

  17. The pictures alone in this book look amazing. There is something about rustic cooking that has really been appealing to me lately, and your post captured the essence of that beautifully.

  18. That looks like a great cookbook. We live near a lot of Amish and regularly see horse and buggys driving down the road. As a kid I always felt a connection to their way of life and kind of wished to be Amish. Now I can appreciate their culture and simplicity, but I don’t really want to be Amish anymore. I’m happy where I am in my own search for simplicity.


  19. I was just thinking that I needed a new cookbook to read. I searched the library today and came home with a stack.. I wish I would have found this one to read tonight!

  20. I’ve always been fascinated by the Amish. Beautiful photos.

  21. Beautiful pictures in the book……I love these words from one of lthe inks you gave ……”calm sense of simplicity”
    love reading about how other people live their lives…..

  22. Just lovely it is. I am a sucker for a pretty cookbook with pictures.

  23. That looks like a wonderful book!!

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