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In things pondered on 01/19/2010 at 12:04 pm

Sometimes I wake up grumpy, tired, and uninspired.

Sometimes I realize at the last-minute that we’re out of lunch meat and hand him a coupon for Subway on his way out the door.

Sometimes we get ready to go out and play and there are no clean socks…anywhere.

And sometimes she is ornery…out of sorts…inconsolable…like yesterday. She stayed up long past her bedtime the evening before and when the sun rose, nothing was right with her world. Nothing. The “bloggy” thing to say is that the photograph above is depicting our blissful midday picnic in the park and that there is a bowl of fresh, organic, locally grown fruit just outside the frame.

The truth is that after a half hour of tantrums, flailing, and unabashed self-pity, I retreated to the yard in a last-ditch effort to distract her into eating lunch before she passed out for the afternoon. There was no bowl of fresh, organic, locally grown fruit. There was no bliss. And you’d be hard-pressed to even call it a picnic. There were two thrown together sandwiches and a plastic bowl of potato chips.  I literally chased her around the yard stuffing cold cheese toast into her mouth while she played, just thankful for a few moments of sanity. When she finally collapsed for her much-needed afternoon nap, I descended into the abyss that is our laundry.

So next time I post a cheery photo with a dreamy recounting of our crafting bliss, remember that there are many ornery, rainy, clean-the-house sort of days thrown in the mix too. You just don’t see pictures of those days because it’s such a mess I can’t find the camera.♥

p.s. Thank you all for your help yesterday! I know I haven’t updated the regulars in several days. Hopefully later today…

  1. We’ve had days like that. We have days like that about 6 days a week sometimes. But you know what? All we can do is be patient, and know that it will get better.

    Good for you for finding the beauty in a stressful day. ♥

  2. I have those days too. It’s always nice when mothers share their stories. Thanks for reminding me that I am normal like you and every other mother. This morning my daughter went to school with cold spaghetti! Where do you live to be able to have a picnic in January?

  3. Isn’t that the truth! Sometimes it can be all too easy to make it look like all is so perfect on a blog… but alas children are children and us mamas really are not super moms.
    Thanks for sharing!
    warm wishes, Tonya

  4. thanks for keeping it real;) hope she is rested and that there are some balancing blissful days ahead.

  5. Oh, such a wonderful post and SO true! I just found your blog through Whip Up (I think, but I can’t exactly remember) a few days ago and I love it! So happy to have found you.

  6. great post. the blog world needs post like this to do just that: keep it real. i am still envious though. eating outside in January! delicious.

  7. It’s good to know others have days like that too. Realistically I realize this but it’s hard to see sometimes.

  8. Thanks for posting this! It is so refreshing to read that not everyone else is always as on top of things as they may seem. Totally been there with the no clean socks!

  9. haha! While I’m sorry your day was so rough, I love the realness of this post. Those days make up our lives and take up our moments and create memories just as much as the blissful days. Might as well embrace them as well as you can!

  10. I LOVED this ~ thank you!!! And of course with a houseful here, we too have these days…… a challenge to get through sometimes, though when they’re done, they are certainly laughable 🙂

  11. Awesome. I relate to these posts so much more than Blog Land Utopia. You see, I don’t even try to keep up with those Joneses. I relate to the underbelly of things because it is my life: perfect in all its imperfection.

  12. We have those days a lot. How old is your wee one?

  13. You rock. I am so glad that I found your blog, b/c I love people who can be down right honest. I read a post the other day from a woman I really respect, who said that she was having trouble because she just felt like she could not live up to the women in the blogging community who seem like they can do it all. I wonder about that, because for the most part, blogs have begun to be used as a postivie space, and an inspirational one, but it really isn’t so positive if we give off the idea that just because we don’t talk about the negative, that there isn’t any.
    Thank you so much for sharing this part of your self in such a great way.

    • heather,
      you put this so well:
      “blogs have begun to be used as a postivie space, and an inspirational one, but it really isn’t so positive if we give off the idea that just because we don’t talk about the negative, that there isn’t any”
      i wonder how to balance that. the last thing i would EVER want is for someone coming from a different place or with different resources or a different place in her life to compare herself to the small part of myself i present on my blog. none of us are blogging out of narcissism but rather from a place of deep sharing and community building. i wonder how to have a space that is positive without giving a ‘false’ impression.

  14. i’m impressed that you were able to find the time and the wherewithal to snap this beautiful photo on a day like that! thanks for sharing. those days where baby hasn’t had enough sleep and the nap is long in coming are the hardest!

  15. Oh, my, I so hear you! Even as a grandmother I experience those days while baby-sitting my three granddaughters (4, 2, and 2 months old). Thank God for naptime!!!!!!!! But, I do love how you manage to make things look quite blissful and serene even though there is chaos behind the scenes. Such is life!!!

  16. thank you thank you thank you! I thought you were so perfect when I found your blog it almost made me depressed. Now I know you’re normal! what a relief. And somehow it makes you even more perfect. love it! we’re all the same lovely wonderful creative people with loads of chaos mixed in. enjoy every minute.

  17. Such a nice refreshing post! I feel your pain…sorta…I deal with a hormonal teen daughter and her moods (sigh), but I understand your frazzledness.

  18. Yes, these days come and go… what’s extraordinary is that you could write about it so honestly and so beautifully.

  19. i think one of the reasons i like to take photos is because things never look as bad in the photos and they help me remember that even if a day was awful there was at least a beautiful moment. i also wonder if i share too much of the good and not enough of the other stuff. i really appreciate you sharing this. makes me think a bit more about what others ‘see’ when they come to my little blog corner too.

  20. THANK YOU for that. 😉

  21. “The ”bloggy” thing to say” PERFECTION are your words.

    I really try to be honest in my space, because one day I hope that we can all meet, and I would hate to give off a false impression.

    Authenticity is a virtue, and one that I believe you hold.

    I SO loved and needed this post. Thank you.

  22. Who ever pretends he doesn’t have those days is a liar or a freak. We are human doing our best at raising children. I call them my un-glorious days. But you know what my kids might not get the best meals every day but they will grow up knowing they are loved. I can’t remember what my mom cooked but I remember her hugs and kisses

  23. That is classic. And representative of most of us. And honest. I loved this post.

  24. Thanks for your honesty. Your photo is quite interesting it shows that one can draw beauty out of unblissful moments. We see what we want. When I watched your pic the things that first stroke my eyes wher the sun (very nice compared to rainy part of the world) and the vintagy gingham picnic napkin, all very pleasing to my eye and miles away from I have nothing left in my fridge to make a proper lunch.
    We are all the same, monday I spent most of the day crying out of despair, completely uninspired and unable to sit in front of my sewing machine or whatever

    Marie-Noëlle, FRANCE

  25. What a great post. And a lovely picture. We all have days like that, I am sure. We’re human and I guess recognizing that only makes us a better mother. Who says that perfect is perfect? A sweet mom who takes her little one into the garden for a quick and easy picnic, without fussing over the details, sounds pretty close to perfect to me.

    I love your blog!

  26. Oh, dear! I know those days too well! Love your perspective on it, love the photo, and love the real honest telling of your story! Thank you!

  27. oh i love the honesty of your post….
    i can so relate…. thank you for your gift of sharing… 🙂

    xxo, kim

  28. I understand. Been there so many times.

  29. Popping in from Shutter Sisters. I was going to say “what a lovely image” and click out, but after reading your post all I can say is “me too”. So many days just like that…. where the sunshiney image doesn’t match the hair-tearing of motherhood.

    Thank you!

  30. Nice thought-provoking post. I think that sometimes, in our advertising-based culture, it is easy to sell the ephemeral visually, whether it is there or not.

  31. Perfectly put. Thank you.

  32. So true. We have had many days like the one you described lately. Thanks for normalizing days like this. It feels good to know someone else has felt the same way as I have:)

  33. i love your blog! i love the photography and the thought that you put into each entry. i am a new mother to a beautiful baby girl, however before my very own, i already had two older adopted girls, but this is our first experience with a baby. she had colic and reflux, she would scream!*! if you even attempted sitting down with her. the only way i could get her to sleep was to walk with her until she was so asleep that i could put her down without her noticing some nights that was never. for 9 months ive survived on only 2 – 5 hours of sleep each night. i wondered how other mothers seemed to have such blissfully perfect days. contemplating the beauty of life and reveling in the wonder of their little ones. i have these days too, but its nice to know that everyone also has difficult days. thank you for being honest and being real. its refreshing.

  34. I aodre you and this post.
    Thank you thank you thank you.

  35. so much truth in so little “perfect” 🙂

  36. Oh Gina, I just *adore* you for this post.

    A coupon for Subway??? *swoon*

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