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In the market, thrifting + vintage on 01/18/2010 at 12:00 pm

Pair of Vintage Pillow Covers

Set of Vintage Cannisters

We enjoyed a weekend of vintage treasure hunting, laughter with friends, and a bit of live music in spite of the dreary rain. Needless to say, the housekeeping was sorely neglected so today I’m playing catch-up. I’m afraid today’s post is a bit on the side of hum-drum. Some mornings are filled with creativity and others with laundry. This is the latter. Hopefully, you understand.

I do have a small favor to ask this morning. I’d like some feedback from you. I don’t want this place to become a barrage of unending shop updates but at the same time, I’d like for you to have the first peek at what’s new in there (hence the photographs, above). So I’d like to hear from you. How often do you want an update? The most I am willing to do is once a week, but that seems a bit much to me. Please share your thoughts because I’d really like to know. The drawing for the vintage quilt is still open so be sure to put your name in the hat.

Have a great day. I promise something more fun tomorrow!

p.s. Later this week, I’ll be featuring some of your submissions to Childhood: The Fine Print so be sure to add your photographs!

  1. I honestly don’t mind shop updates at least once a week so long as they aren’t used as replacements to your regular kind of posts. So if somebody had a shop and they wanted to post updates more twice a week, then for one of those days, I’d like to see both an update and a regular post. Those canisters are serious eye candy.

  2. I think once a week is good. And I don’t even mind if they’re a replacement for a regular post, as long as it’s only once a week. If you’re uncomfortable with it though, you could possibly do a widget in your sidebar with your latest shop items. That way you can still give us first peek without feeling like you’re barraging us with Etsy stuff.

    Either way, I’m happy. I like hearing about your shop. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support Javascript (Etsy Minis are JS) so I can’t add the widget. I could just add a couple of photos to the sidebar though. I just like to keep it uncluttered.

      • There might be some HTML widgets somewhere on the web. But I understand about wanting to keep it uncluttered over there.

        Whatever you decide to do, I’m excited to hear about your shop. You can do it however you want, and I’ll be ok with it.

  3. Perhaps a small update (collage style) at the end of another post? Who am I to say!? Just some thoughts.

  4. As a shopkeeper myself I enjoy taking a peek at what is new in a shop. Once a week is great, if you are comfortable with it. I try to limit it to things that I think are exceptional or if I list a whole bunch. I agree that some pics on the side would be neat…. and I am soooo loving the colors on the photos above!

  5. I love updates…I know how you feel though like you’re bugging your readers…but really you’re NOT.
    Your work is gorgeous!
    Have a lovely day.

  6. I would say, whatever feels right to you. Your work here is amazing, it’s hard to imagine any of your readers wouldn’t enjoy whatever you decide to feature. I come back here to get an update on anything you do, think, or like. Thanks for sharing and it’s extremely polite of you to ask for this feedback. All the best.

  7. Hi,
    I wonder the same thing… with our blog. I so enjoy seeing what others are doing, therefore, I certainly don’t mind the updates. Your things are lovely!
    Warm wishes,

  8. Those canisters are really quite lovely…especially on a winter’s day (even though this winter day is warm and sunny in PA).

    I think updating once a week is great or just tack it onto a “regular” post.

    And btw, when you include beautiful photos like above the post is never hum-drum.

  9. I really think that you should share updates as often as you feel like, it is YOUR blog and your shop is something you work hard on and if you want to share it, you should. I don’t mind seeing shop updates at all.

  10. I think you can talk about shop updates all you want. I don’t mind at all because I LOVE all the pretty photos and your interesting writings. After all, it’s your blog….I just sit back and enjoy it!

  11. I think people might have to tackle for those canisters. Seriously. They are really beautiful! I’d say make your shop updates whenver you are comfortable with….I’d say every week and a half…with a little sneak peek somewhere along the lines might suffice.


  12. Update away! Everything is so beautiful here, I’m happy for all of it. And I totally agree with Casey, this is all yours!

  13. I think the beauty of any blog, is it being the power of the blog owner/writer. I wouldn’t want you to HAVE to commit to once or twice a week with shop updates, etc. but when you really have something to share, then just share it. It may happen once, twice or even three times a week…but it’s when you’re comfortable sharing it. I hope this helps in some small way.

  14. Well, I for one am so happy that you posted an update, because I just found some new little storage for my sewing room!


    I LOVE your shop, update away!

  15. I think you should do shop updates once per week! What good finds today! I love the tins!…and I love your shop!

  16. I don’t think once a week is excessive, especially when the treasures are so lovely!

  17. I don’t mind how often you post pics from your shop…love seeing whats in your shop but maybe thats because I love shopping!

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