giveaway: vintage mini-quilt

In the market on 01/12/2010 at 11:39 am

My little market has found its way to Etsy, thanks to one very sweet hubby. He gave me the gift of several uninterrupted hours to tie up the loose ends over the weekend. I promise not to bore you with constant shop updates but I would like to celebrate its opening and thought that a giveaway would be fun.

giveaway quilt

This sweet vintage hand-tied quilt is looking for a new home. I say “quilt” but please note that it does not have batting between the layers so it is pretty light-weight…more of  a Summer quilt. Like many vintage linens, it does have its flaws and a few tiny spots. Of course, it could also be used as a wall-hanging, a play mat or a picnic blanket. Whatever strikes your fancy.

giveaway quilt
You can earn up to THREE ENTRIES in the drawing by following the instructions below.

Methods of Entry
1. [REQUIRED] Visit the market and comment to this post, telling me what your favorite item is.

2. Blog about this giveaway. Feel free to include a picture of the quilt. (No need to ask permission). Leave an EXTRA comment, with a link to your post, letting me know that you did.

3. Subscribe to this blog via RSS feed or email delivery and leave an EXTRA comment letting me know. If you’re already a subscriber, you can just leave an EXTRA comment letting me know.

Be sure that your email address is easily accessible for winner notification. Once notified, the winner will have 72 hours to claim the prize. If unclaimed, another winner will be selected.

I’ll leave this post open for comments through noon, EST, on Tuesday, January 26th. Winner will be selected using a random number generator. Open to United States residents only. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

 p.s. Thank you all for your very kind comments about yesterday’s wall art tutorial. I’ve been overwhelmed by your response. Don’t forget to visit “the regulars” while you’re here today to say “hi” to the new folks. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Lovely lovely lovely!! I am heading right over to check out the other items in the market, but just popping in to let you know I am a subscriber. 🙂

  2. I didn’t see a place to leave a comment over at your Etsy page, but my favorite item has got to be that little rolling tea tin! Adorable! Not only do we drink a lot of tea around here, but we have a little boy who would think that was just about the coolest “houseware” ever. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your new shop! I love all your offerings, but my favorite is the Vintage Rolling Truck Tea Tin. Very sweet.

  4. My favorite would have to be that lovely apron!

  5. congratulations on your new shop!!! etsy has been a lot of fun for us. I really love your patchwork aprons;)

  6. Fabulous news! I’ve just subscribed and have posted your little Russian doll on my Tumblr 🙂

  7. I love the little wooden doll!

  8. Also, I’m a feed subscriber. My email (and the comment above) is whitney dot archer at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  9. What a beautiful store you have opened. That vintage tray is certainly my favorite, and I may have to come back later this week to bring it home with me.

    Really lovely

  10. This is all very lovely! I am heading over to the shop now.

  11. I am, AND HAVE BEEN, a proud subscriber too!

  12. I love the patchwork apron! So, so cute!

  13. I’m also a subscriber!

  14. Congrats on your new venture, I wish you much success! The vintage apron instantly caught my eye, although I do have a thing for house motifs:) The quilt is lovely and I think the flaws are what make a vintage piece so charming.

  15. I’ve never seen a matryoshka doll in that shape! How lovely! 🙂

  16. Definitely the little green vintage tray!

  17. Also, I’m a subscriber 😀

  18. And also I’m a fairly new subscriber and I love your blog! 🙂

  19. Hands down…my favorite is the vintage patchwork apron. I could see my husband sporting it while cooking, just kidding. It’s beautiful, and congrats on getting those extra minutes to get your shop up and running.


  20. I visited the shop yesterday, and when I went today I saw my favorite item, the rolling tin, has already sold! I love the little wooden doll, too, though.

  21. I love the vintage patchwork apron. I love cooking with my daughter and we love fun, feminine aprons. Very charming.

  22. My favorite is the quilted apron. It’s just so cheery and fun! Congrats.

  23. The vintage Quilted Apron is just spectacular.
    How wonderful.

  24. I love the Vintage Patchwork Apron, I’m going to post your shop on my blog right now!

  25. I’m a loyal follower ❤

  26. There is now a post about your new shop on my website. http://www.thehuntsingers.com

  27. I really like this:

    Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

  28. I like the Vintage Wooden Doll.

  29. rss subscriber

  30. That serving tray is adorable!!

  31. I love the Vintage Glass Milk Bottle.

  32. i hope you don’t mind, but i’ve sent a little blog award your way. i have enjoyed your blog very much recently. thank you for the daily fix of inspiration i find here…

    you can visit my blog for details. you are fantastic, chica!

  33. I like the Vintage Patchwork Apron!

  34. I like the Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

  35. I like the Vintage Patchwork Arpon, so pretty.

  36. I like the vintage glass milk bottle!

    nettysgirl at gmail.com

  37. Nice little shop. It sounds like I missed the little tea tin. I think my favorite (of the remaining items 8-)is the vintage patchwork apron. It reminds me of my mom, who always wore an apron, even if she was wearing shorts!

    Congratulations and good luck with the shop!


  38. I am already a subscriber and love your blog.


  39. Wow! What a sweet giveaway! I really like the nesting doll in your post and I was happy to see it in the shop. I hope I win. I’m a subscriber and you became a daily read the first time I discovered your blog.

  40. I’m thrilled to subscribe – such fun ideas here! My favorite – probably the milk bottle – how cute would that be to set out with morning breakfast?

  41. The vintage serving tray brought back memories, we used to have one very similar!! I love the colors, and the colors of the giveaway hand-tied quilt also delight me!

  42. Love the milk bottle and the wooden doll!

  43. I like the apron! So beautiful!

  44. I am torn between the milk bottle and the apron- I love them both.
    I have just subscribed to your website- I have enjoyed your posts!

  45. So cute! In the shop I would have to go for the milk jar. I love that cute bird! 🙂

  46. I have been a follower for a while via my google reader. 🙂

  47. Love the apron – who does not love aprons!

  48. I am an email subscriber.

  49. Such cute things. I like the vintage patchwork apron darling.

  50. The milk glass is lovely, but the wooden doll has my heart.

  51. Also, I just subscribed to your site via RSS feed. I love your crafty tutorials!

  52. I just love the Vintage Wooden Doll!

  53. I love the vintage milk bottle… Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. I just adore patchwork, my favorite is the apron. lovely shop!

  55. I am subscribed to your RSS feed.

  56. I love the Vintage Quilted Apron !!!!!!!!!!

  57. Im an email subscriber of YOURS !!!!!!

  58. Hands down quilted apron (the one with the house). So adorable. And definitely one of a kind unique. But more than that apron I love love love that give-away prize. Looks cozy and happy. Perfect for someone who may make an appearance soon…! I’m subscribed to you through reader (keeps me organized and SANE!) hope that works for you too. Keep em coming, your postings are a treat and something I look forward to each day now. Thanks!
    dorishklein at gmail

  59. Congratulations on opening your new shop, that is certainly exciting! I am very much so in love with vintage fabrics aprons! and quilts! so my favorite from your shop is the vintage apron, so sweet. And this quilt is incredible. Thank you for this generous give away! : )

  60. the vintage patchwork apron is my favorite

  61. so nice to find this site – just subscribed!

  62. the vintage milk bottle by far is my favorite. it’s gorgeous!

  63. I want that apron!

  64. I’m getting the feeeed!!

  65. I love all things vintage, but my favorite is the patchwork apron!

  66. Love love love the apron!

  67. My favorite is definitely the apron! So cute!

  68. Wow! The Vintage Patchwork Apron is my favorite!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  69. I subscribe via RSS feed, so happy to have found your blog!

  70. I really like the doll. The colors are great! Congrats on the new shop and best of luck!

  71. I looked at your sold items also and I LOOOOOVE the vintage milk bottle! Wish I have saw that before!!!!

  72. I already subscribe via google reader!!!

  73. I love the apron, though from reading the posts I can see you have sold many other lovelies that were favorited. I also subscribed and linked you on my blog, thank you!

  74. I love the Vintage Patchwork Apron

  75. I love the patchwork apron – it’s so cute! 🙂

  76. Oooo….I love your store! I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite….I love the doll and the apron! Thanks for this beautiful give away…..my fingers are crossed!

  77. I’m all over the little wooden dolls SO SO CUTE! : )

  78. I am already following via RSS! : ))

  79. The vintage quilted apron is too, too cute. 🙂 Love your site.

  80. I have gladly been an email subscriber for a bit now. 🙂 Lovely site & posts.

  81. Your blog has brightened my day since I joined last week. And I LOVE your etsy shop! I’ve got my eye on the vintage cocoa tin – love that!

  82. Lovely blog, lovely quilt! Glad to happen upon you today! I linked to you through shivayanaturals.com.

    Have a good Sunday,

  83. I just subscribed! 🙂

  84. Has to be the vintage pincushion wood stove, I’ve really never seen anything like it!
    Thanks for the wonderful offering!

  85. Lovely blog=Lovely shop!

    I think the little doll is my favorite. They’re sort of a weakness for me. Good luck with your new Etsy shop!

  86. I really love the quilted apron! That is something that would definitely fit me and my style!!!!

  87. i love the vintage canister set. those colors are wonderful!

  88. I am an email subscriber!! Heading over to your shop now! Such a beautiful quilt.

  89. I love the vintage pillows! They would go great with the quilt 😉

  90. I really like the patchwork pillows.
    Your store is very nice and that quilt would find a great home in our rustic cottage.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  91. I subscribe through Google Reader. And I love that vintage wooden doll. Too freakin’ cute.

  92. I just found your blog today and must say it’s so sweet! I went and looking in your shop and really do adore those pillow covers 🙂

  93. And finally, I subscribed to your website via email 😉 Thanks again, it truly is a lovely quilt. I would love to win it.

  94. I love the tins, the wooden doll, and the patchwork apron! (Also, fyi, you’re now a favorite seller in my etsy world 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  95. LOVE the vintage pillow covers.. they’re beautiful… I already subscribe to the feed for your blog so I’m ready to win win win!

  96. I subscribed to your RSS feed! I like the wooden doll best. Good luck with your shop 🙂

  97. I LOVE the patchwork pillow covers! I “hearted” them!

  98. The hot air balloon is adorable.

  99. My favorite item is the set of cute vintage patchwork pillows!

  100. I am already a subscriber!

  101. i get your updates via e-mail. wish you had a Facebook fan page! love the vintage stuff. nice work!!

  102. I love the Vintage Quilted Apron – what a great find!

  103. Love the patchwork apron!

  104. I just became a subscriber! Love all of your great ideas and would enjoy this quilt with my family.

  105. I have never seen anything like the vintage pin cushion…very unique!

  106. I absolutely love the vintage patchwork pillow covers! I love most anything patchwork!! 🙂 Congrats on the etsy shop!

  107. I like the vintage patchwork pillow covers

  108. email subscriber

  109. I like the Vintage Patchwork Apron.

  110. I love the wooden dolls! My little girl would love that quilt.

  111. Congratulations on your etsy shop. I would love to win the quilt for my best friend. She is preggers with a little boy and due June 28.

    My favorite item in the store is Vintage Wooden Doll. I collect matryoshka and it reminds me of these.

    Good luck to you.
    danna 🙂

  112. Clearly I want that darn quilt. I’ve now blogged about it…. 🙂


  113. Now, I’ve subscribed to your blog to receive email updates. fyi: my blog also gets posted to facebook and twitter. voila.

    have a great day.
    xo, danna

  114. FYI: I found your blog by searching Google for “no sew bunting.” thanks for this post and how-to. I’m sick of using so much paper to decorate for parties and thought i would do something a bit more eco-friendly. I’m going to make some no-sew fabric bunting to decorate for my friends baby shower on may 1. thanks!

    xo, danna

  115. I’m a “grandma’s apron” junkie, so when I saw the patchwork apron, I KNEW I had to comment!! 🙂 It’s perfect and oh-so vintage!

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