Silhouette: January 2010

In silhouette on 01/04/2010 at 6:20 am




Childhood: The Fine Print

1. Debra, 2. Lynn, 3. Rosina, 4. Sarah, 5. Cindy, 6. Margrett,
7. Annie, 8. Marty, 9. Sarah



 Aprons turned Window Treatments {Amanda}
Paper Mache Boats {Ann}
Keepsake Kitchen Linens {Mrs. Limestone}
Garland of Words {Katie}

 A sincere thank you to everyone who has so warmly welcomed me to this vibrant community of creative souls. I’m relishing every minute. To those of you who faithfully drop in to say “Hello”, or pause to ask “How did you..?”, thank you. I love meeting you, visiting your creative corners, and seeing you shine. I am moved by your words. Inspired by the way you see the world. Astounded by your creativity. It was such a treat to curate this first celebration of you. I’m already looking forward to February.

| days of doing one thing = 7 |

  1. What a beautiful list– so much to read and look at (those brand new baby toes…oh my!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. hat’s off to you – this is really cool.

  3. So many things to see, read, and be inspired by. Beautiful. 🙂 Thanks.

  4. thank you for including me in such a amazing bunch of photos! I am really enjoying your group

  5. This might truly be the most beautiful recap of t he past year I have seen so far. What a heartfelt post you put together. Just gorgeous

  6. Seeing this made me tear up. See my baby girl’s toes up there next to the beautiful images of other children just gives me so much hope and joy for her future.

  7. such a lovely collection.
    thank you for including me.

  8. This is so pretty. I love your space. Inspiration in every post.

  9. What a beautiful collage of photographs! I just love those tiny little baby feet!

  10. Thank you for this. All inspirational. OH. And in this post on my blog I did finally share my favorite recipe. Happy new year!

  11. thank you for showcasing my sweet boy on your collage. he is so “in the moment” all of the time and i really thought he would dive in. 🙂


  12. How neat! I love the photos.

  13. You compiled these beautifully! so much goodness – thank you for sharing these!

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