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Above are the free printable Christmas gift tags, as promised. Sorry for the delay! To print them, click on each set. When they open in a new window, select the “print” option in your browser. Be sure to set the page layout to “landscape” (rather than “portrait”) so they will print at full size.  Hope you enjoy! (Both sets of tags are for personal use only.) Click here for a complete list of printables, d.i.y. projects and tutorials.

In this season, where earth seems to dangle between Autumn and Winter, there’s a predictable cadence to our waking hours.

Whispered good mornings.
The scent of cinnamon.
Hissing and sputtering as the coffee pot brims.
Sleepy brown eyes, framed in bed-head.
“Picnic” breakfasts.
Watercolors and warm tea.  
Sunshine and soil.
Sacred hours.

Too soon, duties press in and “the list” rules. And as the harsh light fades again, lengthening our shadows, her heavy eyes twinkle amid a pile of blankets and a beloved menagerie. The days final words fade again to whispers – sworn love, prayers for peaceful slumber, and promises for morning.

  1. loving your banner right now! and that shot of the watercolors.

  2. Thank you for those labels–they are exactly what I need!

  3. may I ask if those images are straight out of your camera? I really like the look of them. and your tags are fabulous.

    • Thank you, Denise. Of course you may ask. No secrets here! No, the images are not straight out of my camera. I have a great photo editing program that I occasionally use to adjust saturation and contrast. It’s particularly a lifesaver on grey days like the ones we’ve been having when I’m forced to use my flash indoors.

  4. Thanks for the printables. they are terrific.

    And those pictures…so much busy-ness and calm captured there.

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